Beware of Overpricing Your Home in Phoenix

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Today I'd like to speak about the dangers of overpricing your home in Phoenix when you're trying to sell it.
If you think about it, the price of your home is its #1 piece of marketing and advertising. It's also what can make or break a deal.
A lot of sellers believe they can price a home high and then come down if they don't receive offers, but this is a risky move.
Buyers are often off-put by homes that are priced too high, and they kind of take it as an insult that you think they would pay that much for a home. They will also begin to wonder why the home has not sold, and they will likely think that something might be wrong with the roof or the foundation.

In this case, it will sit on the market, become stale, and probably sell for much less than you hoped for.
The best thing to do is to price the home correctly the first time, and you can do this by pricing it right at or just below the market value.
If you have questions about how to nail the price the first time, please don't hesitate to contact us. We would love to help you sell for top dollar in Phoenix!