Why You Should Ask Your Realtor About Lenders

Should you reach out to a real estate agent before getting a home lender? I recommend doing so for a few different reasons.

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Should you reach out to a real estate agent before getting a home lender? I think the answer is absolutely yes, and there are a few reasons why.

First of all, just like all real estate agents, not all lenders are created equal. Even though the lending process may be the same one larger banks use, the experience you have could be very different depending on the person who handles your loan.

On our team, we vet the lenders we work with. We recommend two incredible lenders: Primary Residential Mortgage and HomeStreet Bank. Both of the lenders that we work with are some of the top 50 loan originators in the country.

"Not all lenders are created equal."

Why does that matter to you? With their experience, these lenders are better suited to get your loan done. You can run into a lot of sticky situations during the loan application process, but these lenders have seen it all and they can get it done.

One of the big misconceptions out there is that big banks are easier to deal with. That is not true; the bigger the bank is, the more bureaucracy you will have to deal with. That actually makes it harder for you to get a loan.

Lastly, because of the volume of business we send our lenders, they are going to treat you well. They will go out of their way to make sure you have the most pain-free experience possible, and they will probably save you some money.

If you have any other questions about buying a home or about real estate in general, give me a call or send me an email. I would be happy to help you!