3 Deal-Killing Seller Mistakes

Sellers can make deal-killing mistakes without even knowing. Here are three to avoid at all costs.

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I see sellers make the same mistakes over and over again. I want to talk about the three biggest mistakes so that you can understand and prevent them before they even come up.

The first mistake is not making the property accessible. Typically, the best way to show a home is by using a lockbox that only other agents can access to show homes to their buyers. If buyers and their agents have to call and schedule a showing days out, it makes the property harder for them to show. 

Don’t let the property become invisible.

The next mistake is letting the property become invisible. If it’s not marketed online or out where buyers are, it’s not going to be seen. The first showing in today’s market comes online, so we put our homes on 131 different websites in eight different languages across the globe to capture buyers anywhere and everywhere they are.

Finally, we see a lot of sellers misprice their homes. There is a school of thought out there that you can just overprice your home and lower it later on if you don’t get any offers. However, the reality is that the property has the highest chance of getting the most money right after you list it. If it’s a good value, the buyers who have been searching for a home will come look. The more people that come, the more opportunity you have.

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