5 Ways to Add Value to Your Home Before Listing

When you sell your house, these five things will maximize its value for the market.

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If you want to sell your house, there are things you can do to maximize its value:

I can't stress how much of a difference a fresh coat of paint makes.

  1. Flooring: If you have hardwood floors, refinish them. If you have tile, make sure the grout is really clean. Take a hard look at carpeting and make sure it's clean because this is the one area that looks really bad if you have a ripped spot. It might be worth replacing the carpets completely. 
  2. Painting and wallpaper: Every buyer will hate your wallpaper. Why? Because it's yours. Tear down any wallpaper and paint the house—I can't stress how different a new coat of paint makes a house look. Wood paneling is officially out, so if you have it, paint over it or take it down completely. Similarly on the ceiling, if you have textured or popcorn ceilings, finish over them with drywall and paint them.
  3. Kitchen improvements: Refinishing your cabinets rather than replacing them actually isn't very expensive and creates a totally new look in your kitchen. Adding granite countertops isn't terribly expensive either and it can really help you sell your house for a premium. 
  4. Bathrooms: Consider refinishing the cabinets as well as updating your hardware and finishes. 
  5. Roof and exterior: A $1,000 investment in cleaning up the yard and other things like planting new grass or trimming the trees can make a huge difference.

If you'd like to know which specific improvements would increase your home's value, don't hesitate to give me a call or send me an email. I'd be glad to help!